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I will support legislation to reform and expand mandatory inclusionary housing beyond 20% affordable. I’ll fight tooth and nail for a community-driven approach to land development (ULURP). Moreover, I’ll vote to expand Right to Counsel for all tenants in NYC who seek representation. As a child, there were many times I came home from school to eviction notices on my front door. I remember the trauma of that housing insecurity like it was yesterday. As you read this, we have multiple high-priced condominiums opening in Harlem, while a record number of people are sleeping on our streets. This is an inflection point. Here’s what I will do if elected:

  • Support Mandatory Inclusionary Housing beyond 20%

  • Vote to expand right to counsel to all tenants who seek representation

  • Support legislation that fully funds NYCHA

  • Support every measure to preserve existing affordable housing

  • Support reforming ULURP process to be community-driven and account for economic and racial justice

  • Retain public land for public housing; any development of public land should be permanently affordable in perpetuity

  • Work with our federal representatives to redefine affordable housing by changing the way Area Median Income is calculated

  • Support a tax increase on habitable housing that is vacant for more than a year

  • Work with community to introduce legislation that streamlines the process of creating community land trusts

  • Organize pressure to fully implement Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act

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