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While it’s my hope that a vaccine will be created and distributed by the time a new Council member takes office in January 2022, we must continue to take strong action in the meantime to save lives, livelihoods and thousands of people from eviction and hunger. I’ve cried with close friends who’ve lost aunts and uncles due to the virus and I’ve seen the lines a hundred people long outside the food pantry at 116th and Lenox. Our community is still vulnerable from a health perspective and the take-home income of many is below what is needed to make rent or put food on tables. I stand for the following: 

  • Equitable distribution of the vaccine to everyone who wants, starting with the immunocompromised and essential workers; it must be free of charge

  • Extending the state eviction moratorium

  • Continuing to fund food pantries and expanding the Emergency Food Voucher program

  • Continuing to emphasize the importance of mask wearing and fund mobile trucks that ride through our neighborhoods and to encourage people to fully wear masks via loudspeakers

  • Extending moratorium on student debt payments through July 2021 at least

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