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I will prioritize combating environmental degradation - the greatest existential threat to humanity - and build support for a funded plan that moves NYC to zero CO2 emissions by the year 2030. It is disappointing that it took the shutdown imposed due to the COVID-19 global emergency to make NYC air cleaner and more breathable. I believe a clean environment and human life can co-exist, but 2020 was a warning that human life is extremely vulnerable on this planet. How many more kids in Harlem will we allow to develop preventable asthma before we change? How many subway tunnels and waterside neighborhoods in NYC will need to be hit with floods before we as a City decide to commit fully to environmental protection? We must take aggressive steps toward sustainability:

  • Support and organize for passage of Federal Green New Deal legislation

  • Support legislation to fund the install green roof, solar and wind installations throughout the City

  • Introduce legislation to incentivize the development of Net Zero buildings

  • Push for the creation of new city Department focused on sustainability and climate change

  • Work with Community Board 10 to co-develop plan to reduce vehicle CO2 emissions in the neighborhood

  • Work with state-level partners to pass policy that puts cleaner cars on our roads by 2030

  • Build an infrastructure that can support electric vehicles

  • Support funding Citywide Compost program 

  • Build support for enforce existing lead poisoning prevention law

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