Why are you running now?

Over the next several years, the decisions made by City Council will have a larger than normal impact on the future of our City considering the magnitude of the collective challenges we face right now. This is the most impactful role for me to serve my community, and I have conviction to drive things forward . These times call for resourceful, bold and responsive Council members and those characteristics are core to how I operate.

What’s your platform?

If elected I will prioritize building support for community-driven solutions to: - Fostering a community-focused economy rebuild that is environmentally sustainable - Improving neighborhood quality of life (schools, public safety, trash) - Directly addressing anti-Black systemic racism (displacement, policing, poverty)

What does the role of a City Councilmember entail?

- Introduce and vote on legislation having to do with all aspects of City life - Build support for certain actions in conjunction with issue advocacy and community organizers - Negotiate the City’s budget with the Mayor and approve its adoption - Monitor City agencies such as the NYPD and Economic Development Corporation - Review land use and make decisions about the growth and development of the City

When is the election?

The Democratic primary election date is June 22, 2021 and the winner of that is heavily favored to win the November 2021 general election

What’s your plan to win?

There are no shortcuts or silver bullets. In order to be successful, we must engage as many residents in the District as possible with our message. That will take a grassroots team effort and time.

How can I help?

Donate, volunteer and/or introduce me to your friends in Harlem: We need to pay for printed collateral, such as street flyers, direct mail and leaflets. The price adds up quickly. Additionally, we need as many volunteers as possible to speak with residents and get our message out.