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My mother died from lung cancer in 2017 at the age of 56, I was 26 years old and I think about her everyday. In 2011, both her sister and brother died from cancer at the age of 55 and 60 respectively. I still cry often for these losses and have firsthand experience with the disastrous health outcomes in our community. I will seek funding to make therapy sessions available to District residents. I will partner with Small Business Services and community development funds to incentivize the development of affordable and organic salad bars in the District. The disproportionately high amount of deaths that our neighborhood has suffered from the pandemic has exposed the risk that tour people uniquely face. I will take the following steps:

  • Work with public health experts to engage community with health and wellness information and resources

  • Seek funding to make psychotherapy sessions available to Harlem residents

  • Work with economic development ecosystem to incentivize the development of more affordable healthy food eateries and groceries

  • Increase availability of exercise equipment in parks and other public spaces

  • Partner with federal representatives to strengthen Federally Qualified Health Centers

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