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In Scripture God said to Moses, “If your brother becomes poor and cannot maintain himself with you, you shall support him and he shall live with you.” This is a moral issue to me and I will not criminalize those failed by a society that can demonstrate more compassion. The absence of affordable housing is the root cause of the houselessness crisis in this City. I will stand with every effort to make more housing units available and seek to increase the number of compassionate individuals engaging in direct outreach on 125th street. More people than ever are sleeping on our streets right now and it’s ironic that we have more empty apartments in this City than we’ve ever had. I pledge to do the following if elected: 

  • Prioritize making housing actually affordable, see robust overview of my proposals on affordable housing page

  • Facilitate partnerships with community-based organization and Department of Homeless Services to engage houseless population present throughout Harlem

  • Prioritize the most at-risk families for affordable housing units

  • Work with houseless community advocacy groups to support every proposal to treat houseless individuals with dignity and compassion

  • Support efforts to accelerate the creation of supportive housing units 

  • Support efforts to reform the general shelter system to make them more successful places within the City’s strategy to help the houseless community

  • Support efforts to administratively clear all summonses that have been issued under the Subway Diversion Program

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