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I will defend support for LGBTQIA individuals and support increased funding to the NYC Commission on Human Rights. My high school best friend contemplated suicide rather than come out as gay for fear of being disowned by our Black community. I’m a straight, cisgendered male and he was even afraid to tell me. He waited until Christmas morning one year to say in a phone call, “So yeah bro… I’m gay.” I said, “Yeah I know and we’re still best friends.” We’ve matured as a community in just the past five years, but it’s not enough and LGBTQIA people are literally struggling for their lives. Anti-discrimination has been emboldened nationally and not enough leaders provide the active support for others struggles that they seek for their own. I will be an ally and take the following steps:

  • Seek increased funding for NYC Commission on Human Rights

  • Seek increased funding for the availability of PrEP and PEP, and associated blood tests and doctor visits, for people unable to pay 

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