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I will seek to expand the participatory budgeting program. I will host monthly town halls open to the public. I will be the most accessible and responsive Council member that this neighborhood has ever had. I’ve spent a lot of time working full time in the software technology business, taking products to market to help other businesses grow. In my career, success has been 100% dependent on effectively understanding and responding to the needs of potential customers. The practice of active listening and incessantly gathering feedback is the only way I have operated and I will take it to City Hall. This is not happening enough today. When I talk to people on 139th and Lenox, to small businesses owners, to parents and more they tell me the budget decisions and regulations that have been made are not aligned with their needs. If elected, I commit to the following:

  • Proactively seek feedback of community residents

  • Be very accessible, setup regular channels to receive input from residents and host monthly three-hour long listening sessions

  • Support an expansion of the participatory budgeting program

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