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I will partner with community based organizations to strengthen and resource existing programs to combat senior loneliness. I will advocate for the installation of subway elevators in every District station. My brother was born with cerebral palsy and has never walked a day in his life, he’s 57 years old and my father is 85 years old and now lives by himself after my brother moved to a care facility focused on supporting individuals with severe epilepsy. Though I’m 29, my immediate family is an up close view of the realities of senior isolation and living with physical disabilities. People over the age of 65 created the Harlem cultural legacy that we all cherish and we’re not doing enough to pass their learnings to young people. We need to be committed to giving back to our elders and making this a City that is accessible to all. I support the following steps:

  • Seek full funding of senior centers

  • Combat senior loneliness by coordinating with youth opportunity program managers to facilitate more intergenerational engagement programs

  • Call upon Department of Aging to streamline process for seniors to access a suite of entitlements without overwhelming them with endless forms

  • Fight to get an elevator in every Harlem subway station

  • Push for Access-A-Ride improvements

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