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I will focus on increasing educational opportunities and youth development programs by working to secure funding for more career and technical education (CTE) and partnering with existing mentorship programs to expand and impact more lives. On the block I grew up on, more kids went on to jail than to college. Educational opportunities and mentorship programs helped me escape the trap of a system that was setup for people like me to fail. It’s my mission to ensure that my story will no longer be an exception. Today, we are not making the necessary investments in the kids who need the most support. I commit to the following: 

  • Co-organize with parents, teachers and students in our community to pressure the Department of Education (DOE) to provide Harlem public schools the funding they are due

  • Seek to increase career pathway programs and technical education

  • Collaborate with local businesses and nonprofits to connect students to opportunities in our community

  • Collaborate with the private sector to scope a seed capital fund for youth to start businesses 

  • Build support to increase teacher pay so that we compensate educators what they deserve in doing the most important work in our society

  • Seek funding to expand mentorship programs

  • Advocate for the the full funding of the Youth Summer Employment Program

  • Facilitate exploration of new youth programming in partnership with community-based organizations

  • Prioritize funding increase for youth programming whether it be athletic, career prep, CTE, college prep, entrepreneurial, artist, character development in conjunction with existing community assets such at the Schomburg Center, Studio Museum and the Apollo Theater

  • Support reforming the admissions process to NYC specialized high schools to consider far more than test scores

  • Partner with our state government representatives to build support for legislation that mandates culturally diverse curricula

  • Work with our DOE partners to develop an actionable plan to hire more Black teachers in Harlem schools

  • Vote to restore funding to our public libraries

  • Work with CUNY to explore a program that provides students credit for tutoring public school students

  • Advocate for the removal of NYPD school safety agents with trained school counselors and/or psychologists

  • Call upon the DOE to ensure all students receive IEPs they are due

  • Introduce legislation to reform and expand gifted programs for students

  • Work with existing orgs who’ve been working on school desegregation

  • Introduce legislation to expand 3-K and pre-K

  • Partner with Harlem Children's Zone to expand its offerings as part of the Community Schools Program

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